How do you charge?

The percentage fee is based on the joining/starting salary of the selected candidate and is normally payable once the candidate starts work with you. This is the most common form of charging if you don’t find a suitable candidate, you don’t have to pay us anything.

What happens if the employee leaves?

We will also offer you a free replacement period. If the candidate leaves your organization within that period, then we will replace him /her free of cost.

Why Should I Opt for Kalash Consultancy HR?

Kalash Consultancy HR Advisory and Services conducts in-depth research on job portals and social media platforms; assess candidates and then shortlists them based on their skills. Our client’s requirements are our priority and we focus on hiring the deserving candidates from the talent pool. We have tailor-made packages for business of every size – be it an MNC, startup or medium-sized organization.

What is the recruitment industry?

The recruitment industry encompasses all personnel, companies and software relating to sourcing talent, hiring and job seeking. Within the recruitment industry, Recruiters or Recruitment Consultants act as the intermediary between companies looking to hire candidates, and jobseekers searching for a new career opportunity.

Why is recruitment important?

The importance of recruitment is two-fold. Recruitment is key in helping candidates secure their dream roles, whilst also ensuring the internal development of growing businesses. The purpose of recruitment is to identify the right candidates for specific job roles and attract these candidates to an organisation.